Services and Rates

Effective 7/1/2022

By Their Side is a family-funded 501(c)(3) charitable organization guided by a volunteer Board of Directors who are responsible for setting fees that assure By Their Side remains in a position to fulfill its committment to provide lifelong advocacy for its members. The Board monitors conservative investment of membership fees for growth and conducts periodic actuarial studies to determine current rates.

1. Lifelong Advocacy Service

The pre-funded Lifelong Advocacy Service provides By Their Side members with an annual assessment visit for their lifetime beginning upon the passing of sponsoring parents or other sponsor. Upon enrollment, By Their Side meets with the family and their relative to gather information to guide future advocacy - history, needs, preferences, and specific advocacy concerns. When services begin, an experienced advocate is assigned who makes an annual visit, typically at the time of the annual planning meeting, follows up to address identified concerns, and provides an update report to sibling or trustee. This annual service continues for the lifetime of the member.

In 1984, John's parents enrolled him in By Their Side, and each year since his parents passed away, John's advocate has attended his annual planning meeting or visited him at home. The informaton gathered from John's parents has helped guide John's advocate and ensure continuity in his life. She asks for update on health issues and suggests weekend outings and vacations reflecting John's interests. When his residential staff change, his advocate provides vendor information to replace John's specialized shoes when needed, and assures he continues to have the opportunity to play bocce ball, a favorite activity. She provides updates to John's brother, and is available for questions or to increase monitoring visits through an Advocacy Plan when requested.

The one-time fee is payable within two years. A $50 annual fee is additionally required while the sponsor is living.

Rates as of July 1, 2022:

$3500 for sponsors under 70 years of age;

$4000 for sponsors 70+;

$1800 for sibling sponsors.  Because lifelong services being upon the passing of the sibling sponsor who is an age peer, this service primarily offers the benefit of  a safety net and access to reduced rates for Advocacy Plan services.

2. Annual Advocacy Plans

A. A family, trustee, or other representative may contract for an Annual Advocacy Plan that specifies for the year: 1) the number of monitoring visits , 2) the frequency of monitoring contacts with service providers, 3) attendance and advocacy at meetings 4) Follow up to concerns, review of reports, consultation and reports to family or Trustee. The contract may be renewed or modified on an annual basis.

Mary is an only child. Her parents enrolled her in By Their Side years ago, and when they reached their 70's, they started an Advocacy Plan so that an advocate would be assigned, get to know Mary, and attend her planning meeting while they were still here to provide guidance. Later, as they were less able to travel, Mary's parents expanded her Advocacy Plan to include 3 additional visits and monitoring contacts each year, with reports back to them. Mary's parents are pleased with the advocacy provided and feel Mary will be well looked after after they are gone, through Advocacy Plan services renewed annually by Mary's trustee.

John's trustee arranged for bimonthly visits through an advocacy plan when he first began to receive residential services, to monitor closely and assure his needs were met. His advocate addressed overdue medical care and arranged necessary evaluations to identify full and proper supports. She assisted to identify a new provider agency when his guardian decided a move was needed, and arranged vocational experiences reflecting his preferences.

B. A family may wish to engage an Advocate through an Annual Advocacy Plan to work with them to address a specific advocacy need or goal. This service may include assessment visits, consultation, attendance at planning meetings, exploration of resources, and/or follow up contacts, and is billed on an hourly basis.

  • Attending a team meeting with parent to address concerns with lack of work opportunities and help develop plans for alternatives
  • Gathering additional information to support a reconsideration of denial of state funding in a crisis situation
  • Assisting a sibling to identify a new vocational agency because her brother's needs have changed.

Rate for Advocacy Plan Services Effective July 1, 2022:

Members enrolled in the Lifelong Advocacy Service: $90.00/hour and $0.625/mile travel expense.

Non-members: $105.00/hour and $0.625/mile travel expense.

Advocacy plans may be invoiced quarterly on an hourly basis for actual time spent, or on package basis which provides member discounts for a pre-set cost, as below.




All plans include follow up to concerns, review of reports, consultation and update report to family or Trustee.


For member with living sponsor. Upon passing of sponsor, cost of prefunded annual assessment is deducted.





Advocate prepares for and advocates at the annual Individual Plan (IP) meeting


No Charge after sponsors are deceased.





Advocate attends annual plan meeting, makes 3 additional visits _____________________________

With quarterly monitoring contacts to provider agencies


(reduced $10%)



(reduced $10%)









Attends All Team Meetings


Advocate attends all team meetings, makes 11 additional visits ______________________________

With monthly monitoring contacts to provider agencies


(reduced 12.5%)



(reduced 12.5%)











Cost To Be Determined

As selected by family or representative

As selected by family or representative

As selected by family or representative