The Board of Directors consider the following criteria in evaluating an application for services offered by By Their Side:

  1. A diagnosis of intellectual/developmental disability, with or without other disabilities, and/or considered eligible for services by the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA)
  2. The individual to be served must reside in the State of Maryland; their family or sponsor may live out of state.
  3. A Psychological or other evaluation that identifies the nature of the disability. If currently receiving services from the DDA, the current Individual Plan may be provided.
  4. Each application will be considered by the Board of Directors individually based on the ability of the organization to meet the needs of the applicant.

By Their Side, Inc., complies with all federal and state laws and regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry, or physical disability.

Enrollment Process
  1. Print and send completed Application Form and psychological evaluation or other verification of a developmental disability, to By Their Side.
  2. Receive approval by the Board of Directors.
  3. Complete payment of sponsorship fee within two years of approval.
  4. Participate with By Their Side in establishing an information file which documents the family, medical, and program history of your relative, as well as individual preferences and family advocacy goals.


1. Lifelong Advocacy Services start upon the sponsors' passing. By Their Side periodically requests updated information from sponsors however it s recommended that they file a copy of What to Expect When By Their Side Services Begin with important papers so By Their Side will be contacted upon their passing so that services may begin promptly.

2. Annual Advocacy Plan Services may be additionally contracted by a sponsor to begin now to assist with an immediate advocacy issue or to provide a specified number of visits and monitoring contacts throught the year. A sponsor can contact the By Their Side office to arrange an Annual Advocacy Plan that is tailored to their needs. An agreement will be signed and may be renewed or modified annually. Services can be billed on an hourly basis or as a package with discounted costs. Packages may be paid in full or on a quarterly basis.

A representative payee may arrange self-funded Advocacy Plan services on an individual's behalf.

Arranging Advocacy Plan Services that begin after the sponsors are gone

After the parents or sponsors have passed away, an Individual's sibling, trustee, or other representative may arrange Advocacy Plan services by contacting By Their Side's office. A Letter of Intent is one method for parents to specify their wishes for the future of their son or daughter after they are gone. A Letter of Intent Worksheet is provided for use by families to guide the trustee of a Special Needs Trust and the By Their Side Personal Advocate by specifying the desired frequency of visits and monitoring services to be contracted.