By Their Side works with Marylanders with developmental disabilities and their families to make sure their family's wishes are carried out, and provide advocacy for the health, safety, happiness, and rights of their loved one, even when the parents can no longer be there. We work in partnership with the family and trustees, but in many situations, we are the individual's only remaining advocate.

from the beginning

Learning that your child has a developmental disability is heartbreaking and scary. As a parent you're overwhelmed and most don't know where to turn for help. State agencies can provide assistance if requested, but their time is limited by State paperwork and Federal requirements. We can ease your mind and help you navigate the system.

planning ahead

As an independent agency, we can provide family members with objective information and are free to advocate for the needs and interests of the individual with disabilities. We also work in conjunction with estate attorneys and other professionals to supplement the role they play for your family.

when the time comes

We can't replace you or the special bond you share with your son or daughter. However, you can rest assured that in your absence, we will be by their side, just as you have requested.